Why work with us?

It’s a question we rightly get asked every time we engage with a new client. It’s important that you understand why we do what we do, and what makes us so different from other executive search firms?

Whenever we place a fantastic new leader we’re often asked by delighted investors and CEOs “how did you do it?” 

Well, it’s not only the Welsh passion and fire that Sue Rees our Founder has! It’s also our belief that when filling a key executive position, the devils are in the details. And in this case, our DEVILS are the 6 key characteristics we know the very best executives have that make them successful:

people in office meeting


We know that modern day executives want something different from the roles they commit to. 

They have also spent time looking in the mirror and understanding what makes them tick.  

They want to work with companies where they can make a difference

They believe in equality for everyone

They want to work with companies that have a big and bold vision of where they want to go

They want to work with companies who value their staff and their overall quality of life

They want to leave a legacy with the work they do

They want to work for organisations that value sustainability and the future of the planet

That’s our Why? - What’s Yours?
Talk with us and share your vision of what you want to achieve and what support you need to make it happen.