Who We Are

For the past 20 years, Sue Rees Associates have been working with Founders and CEOs enabling them to attract the leadership team they need to achieve their global ambitions. 

Born in Swansea, and with a distinguished background in recruitment, Sue started the business when she noticed a lack of professionalism and expertise within some well known “high street” recruitment agencies who promised much but delivered little. 

Those recruitment agencies often used inexperienced staff to make cold calls and then simply send through a plethora of CVs without taking the time to understand the client’s needs and what kind of candidates were required for these roles. 

In 2005 Sue decided it was time for a change.

Since that time, Sue Rees Associates has delivered a service that is specifically tailored to each individual client based on the ULARIS model she created. 

Sue Rees with laptop

“Sue takes away the stress and time that I simply don’t have when I am looking to expand my leadership team,” said Chris Clarke, CEO of The Engineering Trust.

“To cut a long story short, Sue became my saviour. Even from the initial meeting, it was clear that working with Sue was going to be a far better experience. Sue went through the whole process, spending time to understand the organisation and our culture. She talked through solutions, salary and overall package, as well as the cultural fit and experience that the right person needed.”

Chris Clarke, CEO, The Engineering Trust

Jonathan Allis

"Sue is a very good, client-focused recruiter who took the time to learn about our business and about us and presented a range of very good candidates. I would recommend Sue to anyone."

Jonathan Allis, CEO,  Blue Earth Diagnostics 

Stephen Hugget

"Sue was recommended to me by a colleague. From the start I knew she was the best person to help me. Sue took the time to understand my experience, career aspirations and also got to know me as a person. She not only has a wealth of experience but has the passion and drive to ensure she gets the best people for the right role. She was instrumental in finding me my next board level position and I would highly recommend here."

Stephen Huggett, CFO, The Earth Trust

“I am passionate about what I do, and I know I can add value to a business by offering guidance and support in finding the best person”

Sue’s passion is driven by developing a relationship with your company and having a deep understanding of the type of person that would fit into the business. 

“You can get many people with the right experience but only a selection with the right personality and fit,” Sue says. 

Many founders and CEOs try and attract a person very similar to themselves, but this isn’t always the wisest strategy. You do need to consider a diverse range of talent. 

Working with a person from outside of the business enables them to review all options from a very different perspective.

Sue Rees at office table

Connect with Sue on LinkedIn or contact us directly and let’s understand the vision you have for the company you want to build.