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Are you a founder or ceo who is passionate about building a global brand and business?

If you are, you’ll also know that you’re unlikely to achieve this goal on your own. To attract funding that will fuel your growth you must have an executive team in place that inspires, impresses and delivers.

You’re only too aware that you have limited time to make all the right decisions - and what major impact bad decisions could have. As experts in executive search, Sue Rees Associates take your brief and requirements and deliver first-class candidates we know will be a fit for your organisation.Talk to us today about the company you want to build and the ideal team you need in place to turn your vision into a reality.

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Do Mondays come around too quickly in your current role?

Are you left feeling frustrated, unable to achieve what you want from the position you have? Does your vision of becoming a global leader differ from that of the CEO and Board you work with?

Sue Rees Associates partners with talented executives who have a determination and desire to work with companies that have a big and bold vision of where they want to go. 

Life is too short to let time pass you by. Make the change now and we can find you a new position where you can build a legacy and make a real difference. Talk to us today about what makes you different.

As an investor, how do you find the hidden gems that are making groundbreaking advancements?

We have an exciting network of companies and entrepreneurs that have already built solid foundations and now need additional funding to grow into global organisations that will deliver significant impact and returns. 

With 20 years of experience working with some of the most advanced and dynamic companies, Sue Rees Associates have the connections, experience and insight to introduce your investment firm to high-calibre start-ups, spin-outs and rapidly growing organisations in these sectors. 

We’re constantly in touch with companies that are challenging the norm, breaking down barriers and making a huge dent on pivotal issues faced by society. We can connect you with them.

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