It’s not failure, it’s unfinished success! What a global pandemic, beating cancer, family responsibilities, and a business failure taught one woman about the role of a CEO

In conversation with Alison Clayton

In Conversation with Alison Clayton Hailing from Glasgow, where she also studied for her PhD in Pharmacology, and with over 20 years of experience in senior roles within the biotech industry, Dr Alison Clayton is currently the Head of Analytical Services at Symbiosis Pharmaceutical Services. However, I first spoke with her soon after she had…

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The Passion in Building a Green and Sustainable Biological World

Joe Price - Evolutor

Sue Rees In Conversation with Joe Price Joe Price is the CEO, co-founder and commercialisation lead for early-stage biotech spinout Evolutor. The fledgling company has developed technology that streamlines and automates the process of optimising microbes for biomanufacturing. This includes products like bioethanol, bio-based chemicals, food ingredients, bioplastics, and many more. Joe is passionate about…

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Taking the Plunge! 


Sue Rees in conversation with Mike Davies Dr Mike Davies MD, FRCRS, FRSPSG is the founder and CEO of Manchester-based Carocell Bio. This startup biotech firm is developing novel peptides and a nanoparticle delivery system to get them into cells, switching off and preventing the activation of inflammation. This exciting new technology has the potential…

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What Does it Take to be One of the UK’s Coolest HealthTech Start-Ups?

In conversation with Mike Karim

Sue Rees in conversation with Mike Karim Mike Karim is the CEO of Oxford Endovascular, an exciting spin-out company from the University of Oxford. They are pioneering work in the prevention of brain haemorrhage by curing brain aneurysms, a condition that affects one in every 50 people. Their flagship product is the OxiFlow flow diverter,…

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If You Can’t Measure it, You Can’t Improve it

In conversation with Infinitesima

Sue Rees in conversation with Peter Jenkins Peter Jenkins is the CEO of Infinitesima. Based near Oxford, it’s a privately owned company founded in 2001, as a spin-out of the University of Bristol, by CTO Professor Andrew Humphries. Peter leads a business that includes scientists and engineers who are focused on enabling the next generation…

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What is the Investment Barrier for Female-led Start-Ups?


As the number of female-led and female-founded start-ups grows year on year, why is it so difficult for them to find investment? It’s a question that I found myself thinking about a few weeks ago, so in this blog, I am trying to understand what the barriers are and how they can be broken down.   Women have led and founded some incredibly innovative…

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Founding a Start-Up when the world went virtual

virtual work

Like so many of us, I enjoy face to face Networking meetings as I have always liked to personally meet and engage with people – both to grow my own network and to help business leaders connect with my contacts. In 2020, the world of physical networking ceased to exist as we knew it before…

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Bringing Common Sense to Tech Company Boardrooms

In conversation with sue rees

Tips for start-ups and early growth companies from a hugely successful serial entrepreneur I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Kevin Smith, a fellow Swansea native and fascinating business leader. Having been involved in the founding of six successful healthcare technology and wellbeing companies since the turn of the millennium, Kevin has learnt more…

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