It’s not failure, it’s unfinished success! What a global pandemic, beating cancer, family responsibilities, and a business failure taught one woman about the role of a CEO

In conversation with Alison Clayton

In Conversation with Alison Clayton Hailing from Glasgow, where she also studied for her PhD in Pharmacology, and with over 20 years of experience in senior roles within the biotech industry, Dr Alison Clayton is currently the Head of Analytical Services at Symbiosis Pharmaceutical Services. However, I first spoke with her soon after she had…

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Leading in the Post-COVID19 workplace

Leadership in the Post-COVID19 workplace

It is almost 12 months ago that I wrote an article about post-pandemic leadership. At the time, we were thinking about how to come out of lockdown, rebuild and start again, picking up from where we left off. Little did we expect that 12 months later and with further lockdowns, that the COVID19 pandemic would…

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