Our Approach

Seek first to understand before being understood.

Stephen Covey’s words are essential when it comes to sourcing the very best executives for companies with global ambitions. 

Sue Rees Associates use our 20 years of knowledge and insight to understand your organisation and how it operates. We ask and we listen. How do you work? What culture have you developed? How do you inspire others around you to take on demanding goals and achieve them? 

Trying to recruit new executive officers into organisations we don’t have a deep understanding of is a waste of time and money. Some executive search firms will start sending you CVs as soon as you put the phone down from your first contact. For us, that’s the last step in the process, not the first.

notepad and coffee cup

In our exerience, this approach usually ends in disappointment for you and your new hire.

When we decide to work with an organisation, we use our ULARIS framework which has been developed after working with hundreds of companies over the past 20 years.

The ULARIS Framework

We first seek to understand the situation the client is in. We make time to get to know the business and its leaders.

We actively listen to you, probing further to assess the impact the current position is having on the business and how it makes the key people feel. We empathise and put ourselves in their shoes.

We advise, educate and pique areas of interest, showing how we can solve concerns. We show our credibility by results and cement our position as ‘Trusted Experts’.

We recommend the best solution for the business and provide additional insights that can solve other issues we know leaders face.

We implement the agreed solution. We make your life easier and deliver what is required.

Once in post, we then review and assess the success of your new hire. As an organisation, we are constantly looking for any areas where we can improve our own practices and performance.

Here are just a few examples of the impact our approach has had on clients

Ian Nutt

"Sue took the time to really get to know me and ensure there was a good match between me and her client. I would highly recommend Sue's services to anyone looking to fill a role and develop their recruitment!"

Ian Nutt, Director, The Earth Trust 

Sue Newport

"Sue is the antithesis of robotic, computer algorithm-driven recruitment. I was so impressed with Sue's service and I hope to use her again in the future as an employer."

Sue Newport, FD, Decode Logistics

Lisa Genovese Human Resources Vivoplex

"I would highly recommend Sue Rees and the services she has provided to our business to any other Pharma/Biotech/Life Sciences company that is building a plan for growth. She is great value, works to understand your Company, and as a result, saves you time and stress when it comes to recruiting the right person."

Lisa Genovese, Human Resources, Vivoplex


"Sue helped me recruit a team member. She is really efficient and has great people sense, and made the whole process really smooth. We were spoilt for choice with the strong shortlist and successfully recruited an excellent addition to our team."

Dr Hsin Loke, VP Head of Finance and Strategy, OMass Therapeutics

What areas do you need to strengthen within your organisation?
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