Finding and Retaining Top Talent in 2022 – The C-Suite Executive Search War- Zone

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Attracting top talent at c-suite level

If it was difficult to find a job in the last couple of years, there is now a huge flip side to this, being described by some as a “war zone” as businesses fight it out to attract and retain the top talent at C-Suite level.

Finding the right talent and then retaining them ranks among the top business risks as identified by CEOs for this year and the coming years and it isn’t just linked to specific sectors; this is an industry-wide issue.

You can’t just throw money at this…

Employee engagement at all levels is no longer just about money. Yes, a great salary counts for a lot, but executives are looking past the traditional compensation and benefits to enhanced experiences. These include businesses that live and breathe diversity and inclusion policies, who have policies that seek to find a more sustainable and innovative future – and one that starts from the top down.

Another top attraction and retention tool has been the ability to have a hybrid working policy. Whilst there are many articles about the pitfalls of remote working and some companies are mooting that their executives return to the office, those who offer a blended working policy, mixing both office and remote work, are winning out. Yes, it is difficult to lead people when you are not in the same physical location, but there is also the opportunity to have head space, to focus on future strategy and not the here and now and to find a level of work-life balance, not always experienced in C-Suite roles.

A Blended Boardroom

Today’s executive search is not always about finding the person with the most experience or the perfect background. This is about finding people who are able to lead intelligent transformation, to adapt to ever-evolving business cycles and who can positively challenge the status quo – and feel comfortable for doing it.

Executive Roles are Changing

Increasingly, people are looking past the traditional roles – even the role of a CFO is moving increasingly towards someone making key business decisions to drive a business forward through uncertain times, often through diverse means, inclusive of meeting not just financial targets but environmental and sustainability targets also. CHROs are now being replaced by Chief People Officers – the emphasis being more about engagement and inclusivity of staff than just the traditional Human Resources roles. New roles are also springing up in the C-Suite – One of these is the CSO (Chief Sustainability Officer), a role built around creating a sustainable future for a business as the world becomes more sensitive toward the needs of the environment and ensuring the wellbeing of staff through a more sensitive leadership approach.

Hiring and retaining talent is good for business growth

So why is there such a “war” when it comes to finding and keeping the top talent? Attracting a new, diverse and talented C-Suite is good for business growth. A mix of gender, background, and experience brings a positive blend to the boardroom where executives can be encouraged to challenge the norms, to have new points of view, and to approach problems from different angles and bring them to resolution. Ultimately, this rich mix will empower and motivate your leadership team and will help your business move forward.

An empowered leadership first line who are engaged and motivated leads has a positive cascade effect at all levels of the business when it comes to employee engagement and retention, and that brings stability, sustainability and growth.

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