Environmental Policy

Sue Rees Associates is committed to becoming a truly sustainable business and to minimise any adverse effects our activities may have on both the local and wider environment. This means having the ability to continue providing our clients with high quality services in ways that enhance the environment.

We aim to:

  • Reduce emissions to levels at which adverse impacts on the environment are minimised.
  • Take resources from the environment at a level that is in balance with the expected rate of regeneration.
  • Do all we can to comply with and, where possible, to exceed statutory obligations.
  • Conserve and protect the environment and, wherever possible, improve it through the services we provide.
  • Operate in a socially responsible manner.
  • Be fully prepared to cope with any operational emergencies that might affect the environment; and
  • Lead by example in sustainable best practice within our region.

To achieve our aims, we will:

  • Apply strict quality controls in all we do.
  • Seek to design, operate and maintain our locations to the highest practicable standards in order to meet our environmental objectives.
  • Continuously improve our environmental working practices; and
  • Involve stakeholders in our environmental planning, liaising with local groups and individuals where changes to working practices or our office environment may affect them.