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virtual work

Aug 25 2021

Founding a Start-Up when the world went virtual

Like so many of us, I enjoy face to face Networking meetings as I have always liked to personally meet and engage with people – both to grow my own ...
In conversation with sue rees

Jul 29 2021

Bringing Common Sense to Tech Company Boardrooms

Tips for start-ups and early growth companies from a hugely successful serial entrepreneur I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Kevin Smith, a fellow Swansea native and fascinating business ...

Jun 21 2021

Starting a Company a Month Before Covid Hit

Sue Rees in conversation with Mark Preston Mark Preston is the CEO of Prismea, a biotech software development company that was founded in January 2020 - just a month before ...
When it comes to being a Start-up founder – Does age really matter?

Jun 15 2021

When it comes to being a Start-up founder – Does age really matter?

There is a wide belief that in order to be an entrepreneur and a start-up founder that you also need youth on your side. When you think about recent entrepreneurs, ...

May 25 2021

Commercialised Science is a Team Sport

Sue Rees in conversation with Sarah Haywood Sarah Haywood is the Managing Director of Advanced Oxford, a not-for-profit membership group for innovating and disruptive businesses with strong ties to Oxfordshire. ...
Leadership in the Post-COVID19 workplace

May 21 2021

Leading in the Post-COVID19 workplace

It is almost 12 months ago that I wrote an article about post-pandemic leadership. At the time, we were thinking about how to come out of lockdown, rebuild and start ...
In Conversation with Sebastian Johnson

Apr 27 2021

Oxfordshire Innovation and Investment

Sue Rees in conversation with Sebastian Johnson Sebastian is a stalwart of the Oxfordshire business and innovation scene. With over 35 years of experience running his own businesses and working ...
Investing In Start Ups – Part 2 – How can you find and secure your investment

Mar 22 2021

Investing in Startups – Part 2 – How can you find and secure your investment?

In part one of our blog last month, we explored the impact of the COVID pandemic on venture capitalists and other investments for startups over the last 12 months. In ...
In conversation with Dylan Jones-Evans

Feb 17 2021

Why small businesses and startups need to work together to boost their post-covid recovery

Sue Rees in conversation with professor Dylan Jones-Evans OBE I recently had the great pleasure of chatting with Professor Dylan Jones-Evans OBE about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on ...
Investing in Startups – Part 1: Are investors Still Investing?

Jan 29 2021

Investing in Startups – Part 1: Are investors Still Investing?

2020 has been a destabilising year for startup founders. The COVID pandemic locked the world down, bringing business to a standstill and the threat of a global recession loomed. Venture ...
In conversation with Glenn Croker

Jan 19 2021

When Good Business Makes Good Science

Glenn Crocker of BioCity talks to me about building a life sciences incubator from scratch, the impact of Covid-19 on the sector, and advice for new startups Sue Rees in ...
Looking forward to 2021

Dec 30 2020

Looking forward to 2021

When the clock struck midnight on 31st December 2019, and we welcomed in the new decade, whoever thought 2020 would turn out the way that did? No matter where we ...
In conversation with Sue Rees

Dec 10 2020

Keep Calm and Carry On

How Oxford University Innovation and its portfolio businesses have risen to the challenge of Covid-19 Sue rees in conversation with Simon Gray, Head of Marketing at Oxford University Innovation Ltd ...
When your Boardroom is ready for a refresh

Nov 30 2020

When your Boardroom is ready for a refresh

Over the last decade and into this one, startup businesses have come of age. Some will remain as small operators, but for many, the ultimate goal is to “scale up” ...

Oct 30 2020

What does the future hold for University Spinouts?

Universities in the UK are some of the very best in the world when it comes to research. Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College London, to name but a few. Importantly, however, ...
Does Biotech Leadership have a glass ceiling?

Sep 11 2020

Does Biotech Leadership have a glass ceiling?

A Growing Industry Sector The Biotech industry is one of the fasting growing sectors at almost 10% CAGR and is predicted to be worth over $750 billion by 2025. In ...
When will a COVID vaccine become widely available?

Jul 27 2020

When will a COVID vaccine become widely available?

Fantastic news emerged on the afternoon of the 20th July that the vaccine being developed jointly between Oxford University and AstraZeneca had been confirmed to be safe and induces an ...
origami boats with blue boat at front

Jun 26 2020

Post-Pandemic Leadership – Is this a time for the brave and the bold, or do leaders need a different skillset?

The COVID-19 pandemic has placed demands on leaders that are above and beyond anything that they may have expected. For many, it has been the ultimate leadership test. Leadership Challenges ...
man in mask with virus image behind

May 29 2020

Beating COVID-19 the Oxford Way

As early as 2018, The World Health Organisation added a “Disease X” to its list of disease threats that could cause a global pandemic. “Disease X” would sit alongside other ...
man appearing to push walls open

May 27 2020


I’ve been working with life science, pharma and biotech CEOs to build their board teams for over 20 years, and it’s at this level that most of the challenges and ...
man's hand pointing at clipboard

May 27 2020


Some companies are already seeing the enforced changes in working practices they have had to adopt having beneficial long-term impacts. “Social distancing and flexible working have actually had a positive ...
male and female scientist looking at test tube

May 27 2020


It’s fair to say that everyone has been impacted, but what was fascinating to me was that some I spoke to had been able to adapt and move quickly and ...
worried woman wearing mask in office

May 27 2020


Needless to say, most people I spoke to were keen to avoid talking about political responses! However, it was clear that many felt that preparedness had two components - physical, ...
empty road heading to city

May 27 2020


When I asked people if they were surprised by how much of a worldwide impact COVID-19 had had I received a similar response from many. Clinically, the appearance of a ...

May 27 2020


In the 20 years I’ve been based in Oxfordshire I’ve seen the county turn into a major hub for science and technology in the UK. Not only has the research ...
man in office clothes

May 20 2020

Burnout in the C Suite

In 2019, the World Health Organisation (WHO) recognised burnout as a chronic medical condition, and with over 60% of board-level executives reporting feelings of high anxiety and stress on a ...