Sourcing Executives to
Achieve Your Global Ambitions

Working with Founders and CEOs to attract and hire
the business leaders you need to build companies
that achieve incredible results

A unique executive search service that finds unique people for unique roles.

Recruiting the right leadership team to deliver the vision you have is essential if you are to achieve your global ambitions.

Sue Rees Associates specialises in working with the world’s leading Pharmaceutical, Life Sciences and Biotech companies as well as cutting-edge startups and spin-outs .

Rosamond Deegan

“If you are looking to recruit top talent, Sue Rees can find the right people to make a difference to your company. You won’t regret bringing her on board - her service, network and knowledge of our industry sets her apart”

Rosamond Deegan, CEO, OMass Therapeutics

Jeremy Warren

"We consider Sue Rees to be the go-to person. Her specialisation and long experience save us time and money in the inevitably risky process of recruitment."

Jeremy Warren, Executive Chairman

Richard White

"Sue is one of the best recruiters I have ever worked with. We engaged Sue to identify candidates for a senior global role within the company after a previous recruitment process had arrived at an unsatisfactory shortlist. She is highly engaging, personable and diligent, and we had complete confidence in her representing the company to potential recruits."

Richard White, COO, Oxford PharmaGenesis 

What we do


Working with Executives to find new roles which make a difference

Connecting Investors with Pharmaceutical, Life Science and Biotech companies

Solving Recruitment Challenges

Sourcing the right team to lead and grow your organisation takes time and is stressful. Without brilliant people at your side, you cannot achieve your vision. Whether it's sourcing investors, dealing with regulatory compliance or protecting your IP, you still only have 24 hours in a day.

Build the team that can turn potential into reality.

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